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Frequently Asked Questions

What Items Should My Child Bring To Camp?

View or download our recommended

packing list:

Please label EVERYTHING with your child's name and we will do our best to get everything back home; NESC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.



Does My Child Need A Physical To Attend Camp?



Yes!  Every year your child attends New England Sports Camps he or she will need to submit two Health Forms

  1. The NESC Health Form, part of which must be filled out by the child’s physician

  2. A copy of your child's physician-completed physical dated within 24 months of July 1st, camp year


What If My Child Has Food Allergies?

Please let us know your child's allergies in advance of his or her attendance and, in most cases, our food manager can provide food to address your child's needs.  


Please contact the Camp Director for details about your child’s allergies.


What If My Child Takes Medication Daily? 

You must list ALL prescription medication AND over-the-counter medication your child takes on the health history form.

ALL medications should be in the original container with the original label listing the prescription information clearly.

DO NOT send medication in other containers - they can not be administered to your child.



What If My Child Uses An Inhaler Or Epi-Pen?

You will need to submit written verification from your child's primary health care provider confirming that he or she has the knowledge and skills to safely self–administer the emergency medication in camp.  

With proper verification your child will be allowed to keep the emergency equipment in his or her possession during camp.

Please fill out this form

Can My Child Bring Their Phone, Tablet, Or Other Electronic Device?

No, we are dedicated to providing an outdoor experience without the distractions of electronics; therefore, we require all electronic devices be left at home. 

If  you wish to send a phone with your child it will be kept in the office and used with monitoring for calls home ONLY at designated meal times or in the evening.


Does My Child Need To Bring Money?

No, we provide all meals and snacks. If your child needs anything while at camp we will either provide it or ask you to bring it for them  Campers do not need money for any reason. 


Should My Child Bring His Or Her Own Sporting Equipment?

  According to the sports camp your child is attending he or she should bring the following:


  • Softball - glove, bat, batter's gloves, sneakers/cleats (no metal spikes), and helmet (optional). 

  • Baseball - glove, bat, batter's gloves, sneakers/cleats (no metal spikes), and helmet

  • Swim - suits, cap, goggles and towels. They may also bring their own fins/hand paddles, but they are not required. 

  • Field Hockey - stick, goggles, mouth guard, cleats (not metal spikes), goalie gear if applicable

  • Football - cleats (no metal spikes), jockstrap or cup, shorts. We provide helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, pants and mouth guard.

  • Karate - Karate Gi (Pants, Jacket, and Belt), Sparring Gear (Head Gear, Hand Gear, Foot Gear, Jockstrap/Cup for Males, and Mouth Piece), and Karate/Kobudo Weapons (e.g. bo staff, sai, kama, nunchaku, etc).


All campers are responsible for their equipment’s safekeeping; New England Sports Camps is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


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